Sex, Lies & Improvisation

Sex, Lies & Improvisation logo
An award-winning dark comedy about why we lie to the people we love, which I created and tour nationally with Rachel E. Thorn.

MATES: The Improvised ’90s Sitcom

MATES: The Improvised '90s Sitcom logo
A love letter to the sitcoms of the ’90s, which I created with Rachel E. Thorn and Hugh Clark. Awarded Best Improv Show at Edinburgh Fringe 2022 by Theatre Weekly.

Joined at the Quip

Joined at the Quip logo

My improv duo with Bobby Anderson. We perform a variety of formats focusing on on characters and relationships, treading the line between heartfelt and hilarious.

Stürike Comedy

Stürike Comedy logo
A multi-disciplinary comedy collective, currently developing longform improv shows in Sheffield. I’m a founding member and coach the group's improv troupe with Bobby Anderson.

The British Improv Project

British Improv Project logo
A cooperative nonprofit organisation which runs biannual improv workshop weekends. I’m a founding member of the organisation’s welfare team, frequently teach workshops and led the 2021 rebrand.

The Sheffield Improv Jam

Sheffield Improv Jam logo
The heart of the improv scene in Sheffield, hosting events twice a month. I founded and host the event with Bobby Anderson.

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