WIP. A sci-fi thriller game set in 1979, where you play as supernaturally powered members of a secretive resistance organisation called the Free Radicals, fighting radioactive ‘demons’ and the militaristic government agencies who create and control them.

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Part roleplaying game, part reflective practice, part Tarot spread. Designed for play on the 31st of December, it explores the idea of New Year’s resolutions and how the challenges we face change us over time.

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The Car Engine

A lightweight system for solo or duo roleplaying while driving which uses car license plates to resolve actions.

Implemented in Captain's Log, a prisoner's dilemma about retaining your humanity in deep space, and Turn Signals, a chance encounter roleplay in homage to Before Sunrise.

Until the bloodlust wins

A lyric solo journaling game about being a vampire and fighting the urge to drink blood. Developed from the same basis as Resolve for the RPG Creation Discord Jam.

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Gods, Glory & Gold!

In a world plagued by forces of darkness, where survival is uncertain, risk your life exploring long-abandoned ruins in search of legendary treasures.

This is my take on a "fantasy heartbreaker", an OSR/NSR-style dungeon-crawling TTRPG on two double-sides of A4.

It has four iconic classes with thoughtful defining abilities, three flavourful cultures, a deadly simple resolution mechanic and more support for running the game than you'll ever get from D&D5e.

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