Both materially and metaphorically, Energy is your Free Rad’s vital essence. It determines your character’s ability to push themselves to overcome the odds, perform miracles, and shrug off harm. Your character starts each mission with 24 Energy and can lose or gain Energy from scene to scene.

Losing Energy

At certain points throughout a mission, you will lose Energy. There are certain ways you can lose Energy voluntarily, either to make something good happen or avoid something bad from happening; you can also be made to lose Energy.

There are three main ways you can lose Energy:

Sustaining physical or mental injuries

While in scenic time, you might attempt to overcome an obstacle in a way that puts you in physical or psychological danger. If you fail an attribute roll, the GM might cause you to lose Energy as a result.

During combat time, Energy reflects your ability to weather minor injuries and keep on fighting. You lose Energy every time an opponent targets you with an attack and you fail your defence roll.

Losing Energy from physical or mental injury can leave you with a negative Energy total.

Rerolling a failed attribute roll

When you fail an attribute roll while in scenic time, you have an opportunity to redeem yourself at the cost of losing Energy. Explain how you recover from your mistake, lose 3 Energy and make another attribute roll. If the second roll also fails, you can’t try again. You can’t reroll a failed attribute roll if doing so would cause you to drop below 0 Energy.

Using your Powers

Using your Powers also costs you Energy. Each gift determines the cost differently. You can’t use a Power if the cost of doing so would leave you with a negative Energy total.

Other ways to lose Energy

Negative Energy

When you run out of Energy, you enter negative Energy, which sucks. While you have negative Energy, you decrease the result of every roll you make by the value of your negative Energy score. In addition, the number of spaces you can move each round in combat is decreased by your negative Energy score.

If you receive damage for any reason while at 0 Energy or lower, you lose 1 Energy instead of what you would usually lose. If your Energy ever reaches -6, you die. Once you are dead, there is no coming back.

While in scenic time, a fellow Free Rad can return you to 0 Energy with a successful attribute roll. This cannot be attempted during combat time. The target number for this roll is 8, plus the value of your negative Energy score (so if you have -4 Energy, the target number is 12). Any attribute roll can be attempted, provided the player can give sufficient justification for how their attempt helps you regain your strength and spirit. Characters can work together using the usual rules.

On a failure, any characters who participated cannot try again, and you lose 1 Energy. If you end a scene with negative Energy, your character’s injuries are too great and they die.

Regaining Energy

After you drop out of combat time, you regain 1d6 Energy if you have 0 or more Energy, up to your maximum (usually 24). Characters with negative Energy remain at their current Energy value.

If you wish to regain more Energy, you can choose to have your character spend a scene resting and recuperating while the rest of the team continue with the mission. When you do this, your character regains 2d6+6 Energy at the start of the following scene. Any number of characters can do this at once and you can choose to all rest for the length of a scene, but doing so will leave you with a worse situation when you return to the mission, as rival forces all take their chance to advance their nefarious agendas.